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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Zong Wingle unlock method

zong wingle trick
Zong wingle unlock method

Today I will tell your how you can unlock Zong Wingle Usb.For unlock Zong Wingle Usb there is a complete process and after that process done you are able to run any SIM card on Zong Wingle Usb. In Pakistan Zong is selling this device with network locked, after spending more than 3 months and wasting a lot of time Now i am able to unlock this device .
Complete instruction for Zong Wingle Unlock
1. First of All Get the Flash Code for your device from here – Huawei Flash Code which will be used in step #4.
2. Then get Huawei serial COM ports drivers pack – FcSerialDrv.rar, unpack it.
3. Now Download following firmware for downgrade – E8372_firmware_downgrade.7z(mirror), before you flash it with this version– check and remember your current firmware version. You may need it after complete process.
4. Now connect your Zong wingle with PC Flash P711s-WINGLE_Update_21. firmware which you download in step #3 and in same file there is a Wingle Update Wizard Application, open it and run for update, put Flash Code from step #1.
5. Connect your internet wingle to PC, check that you can access interface viahttp://, Here in my case i can’t get to web-interface, if same happens to you try step 6 and 7 or try by skipping step 6 and 7, i skipped step 6 and 7 and it works.
6. Use the following script E8372_switch_mode.7z to get device in COM ports mode.
7. Open Device Manager, in COM Ports section you must see several new COM ports, such as FC – Application Interface and FC – PC UI Interface. If you don’t see them – install the drivers from the step 2.
8. Get Huawei 2015 Code Reader software and launch it.
9. Then Press “1. Detect” button to get list of available COM-ports.
10. Choose FC – PC UI Interface from list and press “2. Connect” button.
11. If all appears correct you can see info about your device, and Hash 1 and Hash 2 fields in the top of window must be filled. This is important. Check Hash 1 and Hash 2, before you go to the next step – this values must be filled. If not – check your firmware version, it must be If now – you should go to the step 4.
12. Press “3. Process” button and wait 4-5 min. After process complete – you will receive IMEI number and Encrypted Block in Log window:
IMEI: 866467xxxxxxxxx
— [ Begin Encrypted Block ] —
— [ End Encrypted Block ] —
After this now you need to buy unlock code which will definitely work.
13. Follow this link –Unlock modems and routers Huawei (2015) Code.
14. Check that you have IMEI and Encrypted Block from step 12 (!)
15. Check that with non-accepted SIM your E8372 prompts for enter unlock code in web-interface, i.e. you have retries.
16. If checks in steps 14 and 15 done – choose your payment from list 
Pay with … It can be, for example, PayPal/VISA and other options are available.
17. Press Buy now button and follow the instructions on display.
18. After your payment will complete (don’t forget to press “Back to the shop” or “Back to the seller button” if it appears) you will get a registration form, where you must fill your email, IMEI and Encrypted Block.
19. If you can’t see the registration form, check your email for the message from Plati.Com with a link to registration form to fill and open it.
20. After you fill all fields and press “Send” button 
NCK (Network Control Key) code for yourE8372 will instantly appear in the same window.
21. Enter received NCK into device (via web-interface) and enjoy.
Now your zong Wingle usb is unlock you can insert any sim card in this intertnet dongle usb


I am Fida Hussain,a computer student from Pakistan. Right from the day one I was introduced to computers,I had a passion for Hacking and Information security. So,I started this blog in 2012 to share my views and ideas with the world.


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