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Monday, 21 September 2015

Top 10 Best Android Tricks And Tips

Android tricks and tips Android is the popular Linux based operating system designed especially for touch screen mobile phones. Now a days all types of android mobiles phones are so much popular among the people that they covered almost 65% of total mobile phones in the markets of whole world. These mobiles phones are very rich in functionality  and in user friendly environment. Many android mobiles users don’t know too much about the hidden features and importance of android mobiles phones. Today i am going to share the best android secret tips and tricks and the hidden features and importance of the android mobile phones. Different versions of android mobile support different types of android tricks, so you have to  try all the following android tricks...

1) Force reboot:

Many times android mobiles users face a problem, like freezing of mobile phone, In this case your android phone is in frozen state, you can reboot your mobile using an android trick below.

Just press Power Key Button+ Home Key Button + Volume Up Button simultaneously.

2) Quick Google Search Access:
Android mobiles phones built specially for internet surfing , many of android phones users don’t know that android phones provides a way by which they can access Google search engine in just one click. To use this trick,
Just Press the menu key and hold it for few seconds, it will take you to Google search Page .

3) Reboot Android Mobiles in Safe Mode:
Same like computers, you can also reboot Android Mobile Phones in safe mode. The latest android jelly bean version of Android mobiles provides an option for its users to reboot in safe mode, if something goes wrong at any time, you can reboot your mobile by following the below given instructions.
Long press the power key button + Long press the power off Button.
Then Android phone will show a confirmation message on the screen about rebooting the mobile in a safe mode, if you reboot android mobiles phone in a safe mode then all the 3rd party applications will be disabled. These applications can be enabled when you reboot your phone normally.

4) Unlock Android Mobiles by Face Detection:
This trick is a cool android trick in, which you can unlock your phone by using face detection method. In the jelly bean version of Android Mobiles , android provides a simple way by which  android mobile can be unlock by using face detection, for making this feature more secure, jelly bean versions added another way of protection in which android mobiles can be unlocked only when the face picture is matched as well as you have to blink your eyes in order to unlock your Android phone. The Blinking of eyes tells the android mobile security system that person is still living and it is not and prevent from illegal attempt of unlocking mobile using a stilled image.
To activate this Feature in your Android Mobile,
Go to Mobile Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock.

5) Get Detailed Information About Mobile Phone Status:
Now you can get the detail information of your android mobile, mobile battery information, mobile data usage statistics and WiFi information
Just Dial *#*#4636#*#*
6) Moving of Android Apps From Mobile Memory To SD card:
More apps in mobile memory will also decrease the performance of the android mobile so it is better to keep your all application in the SD Card. Its a good idea also to install all new android apps in SD card, but how to move installed apps from your phone memory to SD Card. No Need to worry, Android Mobiles have a way by which, you can move your apps to SD card. For moving apps to SD card,
follow these steps:
Go to mobile settings > Application settings > Manage application > Select the application, You will see the option “Move to SD card”.
7) Hard Reset and Factory Reset of Android Mobile Phones:
This trick is very helpful before selling an android phone. Android Mobile phones can be formatted through two ways
Factory reset And Hard reset
a) Factory reset: In factory reset, your mobile phone is being formatted to the factory level. It means that all the settings will go to default setting and all the internal data of mobile will be deleted.
For Factory reset, Just Dial *#*#7780#*#*.
b) Hard reset:  In Hard Reset,  all the mobile data (including internal and External SD Card data) as well as settings of android mobile phone will be deleted. Don’t use this, until you are not sure. It will not ask to confirm.
For Hard Reset, Just dial *2767*3855#
8) Context Menu in Android Mobile:
Long press on the mobile screen, it will shows you some additional options for customizing and setting android mobiles. This context menu is somehow similar to the right click menu of most of the operating systems.

9) Taking Screen Shots on Android Mobile Phone:
Android Mobile offer a  feature through which you can take the screen shot of the mobile without the use of  any 3rd party android application. This trick varies from one version to another .

  • Press the Home Button + Power Button 
  • Power Button + Volume Down Button.
  • Swipe your Palm on the mobile phone screen to take a screen shot.
10) Android Version Animation:
This is another awesome android trick to play with your Android Mobile Phone.
Go to Mobile settings > about phone > Tab repeatedly on ‘Android Version’.
 After sometime, the android version will start animating.


I am Fida Hussain,a computer student from Pakistan. Right from the day one I was introduced to computers,I had a passion for Hacking and Information security. So,I started this blog in 2012 to share my views and ideas with the world.


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