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Sunday, 13 September 2015

How to Block Any Website On Your phone(using antivirus)

How to Block Any Website On Your phone(using antivirus program)
Have you ever wondered on “Can I block websites on my phone?” Do you feel like your smartphone has turned into a total disaster with unwanted content? If yes, consider yourself as lucky! This is because you can block websites quite easily in all Android, Windows, Blackberry and IOS platforms. The apps and steps discussed in this article will help you block any kind of websites without any hassles or tussles.

How to block internet sites on your phone easily?

(1) Using an Anti-Virus program – Trend Micro’s App

Do you know that simple antivirus programs can help you block websites in your phone? If you cell phone runs on an android platform, this is one of the finest ways by which you can block inappropriate content. This is because the bond between antivirus programs and the android platform is very smooth. A well-known antivirus that helps users block websites in smartphones is “Trend Micro’s Antivirus”. This is a renowned security agency that is responsible for developing and distributing many security applications. The good news about this anti-virus program is that it has an online rating of 4.5/5! This makes “Trend Micro’s” a real market leader and a reliable app for blocking websites on your phone.
Features Offered by Trend Micro
Here is a quick overview on how to block a website on phone through “Trend Micro’s Antivirus”. First of all, you should down the mobile app and install it! Unlike many other security apps, Trend Micro’s has a comprehensive interface and simple options that can be accessed in few split seconds. In the main page (menu), you should navigate to “Safe Surfing”. Selecting “Safe Surf” will take you to a collection of controls that will let you fine-tune what you access in your Smartphone! To use Trend Micro’s security features, you must set up Safe Surfing and Parental Controls. The account will help you define different levels of protection for children across various age groups. For instance, there are special controls for kids who are between 6 to 12, 13 to 15 and 16 to 20. This makes safe surfing and parental control in Trend Micro’s an interesting venture. To set up and account you should have a valid email account. Once you provide legit details, you will be able to create an account and make use of Trend Micro Apps enticing features. Meanwhile, don’t forget the app’s password. This is because you need the password every time you intend to make a change.
Options in Trend Micro
Now, you should decide on the kind of settings you wish to set! The smartphone application will let you safe surf and customize parental controls. Here is a quick review on how these two options work:
Using Safe Surfing – Safe Surfing will help you provide balanced protection. With this you can protect your phone from inappropriate websites without blocking any minor risks. There are three different levels from which you can control your phone’s level of safety (namely, low, normal and high).
block websites
  1. Safe Surfing
    Using Parental Controls – Parental Controls in Trend Micro’s mobile app is once against broken into three different levels, namely high, normal and low. If required, you can add websites manually too! Blocked List will give you a quick walk through all the websites blocked by your smartphone. You should add the website’s link and give it a name. Once saved, you will not be able to access this website from your cell phone. When compared against router level blocking, Trend Micro’s makes work easier and much more direct. It doesn’t involve complicated changes or fine tuning of functionalities. You can block porn websites using parent controls.
  2. block porn sites


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