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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Few Tips to Detect Computer Viruses Manually

Computer viruses are small programs that are designed to infect the other stored files of your system. These viruses can be spread from one device to other through USB chargers, wireless file sharing, internet browsing etc., while some viruses replicate themselves inside the device.
computer viruses
Due to PC viruses, your system starts performing slower, freezes frequently or can change the functionality of the device. Sometimes, Computer viruses can severely harm the hard disk and corrupt all the stored data.

How to detect computer viruses manually

To remove computer viruses manually you have to follow below steps-
  • Go to the start >> Launch the Control Panel.
  • Now go to the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ option.
  • Here check the list of installed programs in your device.
  • Memorize or note the program name that you hardly use or are not familiar with.
  • Now search for the program’s name you have noted over the Internet. If you get result about any infections or threats, that means your system is infected by the viruses.
  • Or if you use USB devices, wireless files sharing, and browse internet frequently, there might be chance that you system is infected by viruses.
Else, you could try this option,
  • You could use Windows Start up folder to detect the viruses on your system.  For this,
Go to Windows Start-up folder>> here select My Computer >> now Select C Drive.
  • Now check and select the infected documents on the same drive.
  • Inside the Documents and Settings >> Click  ‘Start Menu’
  • Check the list of programs and Check for the programs that you don’t familiar with.
By doing this, you could find the malicious files of your system.

Antivirus software

Antivirus software is the easiest way to identify and remove the viruses from the system. For this, you have to download and install authentic and genuine antivirus software from the internet.
Once installation is done, run this software to scan the whole system,
If any threat or virus gets found in scanning, antivirus software will automatically quarantine it and clean your PC.
Nowadays, hackers are developing variety of malicious codes such as Trojan, keyloggers spyware etc. antivirus software could detect all type of malicious codes and remove it from your system.


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