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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Youtube Downloader for android

Tubemate Youtube downloader For Android

We might have seen many applications for downloading videos specially from youtube. We also wants that our application offers almost 0% error in downloading but the problem is that these application are very rare and if that kind of application are available many people does not know about them. TUBEMATE is one of them. Tubemate is the best app for downloading videos specially from youtube from android devices.

Tubemate is one of the app thet provides very fast downloading speed as it have fast downloading mode. It provides you the best ever downloading experience from youtube.

Tubemate handling is very easy,it provides you a green downlod arrow.After clicking on thar arrow it  provides two options one is download and second is watching video. Generally people uses the downloading one so after clocking on downloading tubemate fetch video information and provides you many resolutions like 640*360,320*240,1280*720.Generally 640*360 is better one for all types of users.  Tubemate also offers different languages for different people.
On the home page you are provided with the four icons one for sharing , one for clearing cookies, one for showing that videos you have downloaded and last one is for search. Althrough this application is not available in google play but it is the best you tube downloading application and works on android 2.1 or higher and also have very small size.

I recommend you to use tubemate v 1.05.39 instead of current version i.e tubemate v because there is problem faced by many users using current version. They find problem in merging which happens in last . The current version of tubemate does not doing merging perfectly as version 1.05.39 does.
 Althrough the new Version has the new user interface which looks better and it also provides auto queue downloding option but the problem is again merging in files. Tubemate  v 1.05.39 provides the same user interface as like in youtube application for android.

If you download a big video for example a video of  600 MB or more then this then in merging  if you observe that your phone is hang then wait for 5 minutes or call your own number, this will help when you downloading movies from youtube.

So,here is the link of the best tubemate ever

Download APK here


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