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Friday, 28 November 2014

Ufone and Telenor officially launch iphone in pakistan

Consumers can now buy iPhone from Ufone and Telenor Advance Booking for which has already begun.
Ufone and Telenor have finally launched iPhone and iPhone 6 in Pakistan with each trying to get ahead of the other it will be presented for sale on 11th December. Ufone has started taking orders for iPhones today. According to Ufone both the devices ( iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 plus) will be available at ufone sale & service centers from 11 December 2014.Whereas Telenor will start orders from 5 December and will Deliver the devices on 11th December (the same as Ufone).
Rumors suggest that both devices will be priced at over 80k PKR (Pakistani Rupees) . The price hasn’t been officially confirmed by either of the providers as of yet . Iphone 6 and and Iphone 6 plus cost 80k PKR and 90k PKR respectively in the open market . It’s worth noting here that all the phones in Open market are Smuggled , now with this amazing offer by Ufone and Telenor we hope the smuggling will be staggered


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