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Friday, 21 November 2014

How to Recover deleted contacts from Android

Android is open source and free also you get almost all useful apps and games for free too. It comes in all price ranges for all types of users. Almost 70-80 % smart phone users use android phones. As it is coming with awesome and useful apps, people started to use smart phones more frequently instead of PC and have their most of the data in phone. So there might be possibility of data loss in case of you lost your phone or it gets crashed. Data recovery for android can help you in these kind of situations.

android data recovery
For the recovery of this type of files, we can use MobiKin Doctor for Android which is a very useful app for data recovery on android. It helps you to take backup and recovery of our data if our phones are lost or crashed or formatted automatically for unknown reasons. This can be helpful to us in many reasons. But as you know there is something behind every success, the things which lacks behind is that it only supports some company device (I’ll tell you all the companies which are supported by this software, just read the post.

It does not act only as data recovery tool in android phone but also acts as data backup program. It has ability to scan your entire phone and take back up of all your data.
Basics Requirements: 

1. MobiKin Doctor for Android 
2. USB Cable 
3. A Computer

4. An Active Internet Connection
Supported Devices By Mobikin Doctor The Master Of Data Recovery And Loss

Samsung Galaxy Series (Samsung Galaxy S3 / Samsung Galaxy S4 / Samsung Galaxy Nexus)
HTC Mobiles (One / Evo / Sensation )
Motorola (All Series Are Supported )
Sony Experia (All Series Are Supported)
Sony Ericsson (All Models Are Supported)
LG (All Models Are Supported)
Huawei All Models Are Supported)
Asus (All Models Are Supported) and many more.

How to start data recovery of android phone

(1) Download and install software. Connect your phone to PC using USB.

(2) Once your device is detected, it starts scanning automatically. Just wait for few minutes until it scans fully.

(3) Once the scan completes, you can see what kind of data you want to recover and what you don’t want to from crashed phone
android data recovery
Scan your android phone
Main Feature of MobiKin Doctor for Android

It’s capable of recovering around 8 types of files, 

It can save your messages and contacts in a .TXT or .HTML format, photos, videos and songs save in their original (i mean extension only). It shows all deleted items in red color where it shows the current item with black color. We can easily recover our data whenever we want to. Recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note (In a easy way with MobiKin doctor.).
mobikin android recovery
Recover data to android phone
TIP: We Must Check And See Before Deleting Any Item.

Under MobiKin Doctor you can easily see and UN-delete your deleted items which will be in red color, when you UN-delete them, it changes its color in black.

Final Verdict
MobiKin is a best data recovery software for android based phones to restore your files. If you liked reading review then consider using the software and later leave your reviews in comment.

data recovery for in android phone
android sms and contact recovery


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