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Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to Downgrade iOS 7.1.2 To iOS 6.1.2

downgrade ios 7.1.2 to ios 6.1.2
downgrade ios 7.1.2 to ios 6.1.2
 For those of you that have been waiting for a downgrade without the need for SHSH Blobs, the wait is over. Brought to you by @blackgeektuto, he has developed "GeekGrade"  which gives you the ability to downgrade your iPhone 4 (GSM, CDMA, and Rev A) and your iPod Touch 4 Generation, but is tethered. 


  • This is a TETHERED downgrade, which simply means that every time you turn off your device, you will need to boot tether it so it can boot up. You can boot tether your device with a programs such as: redsn0w or GeekSn0w.
  • Before performing this downgrade it is highly advised to do a clean restore to the latest iOS version available. By doing this downgrade will lose all the data stored on your device, because the backup can not be restored to an older firmware.
  • I do not, nor does the developer, take any responsibility for misfortune while using GeekGrade with your device!

Downloads You Need:

Step By Step Guide:

  • Go into the Music folder and you'll see that inside there will be another folder called "iTunes" rename the folder "iTunes" to "iTunes_orig",
  • Now you'll need to uninstall your current iTunes program.
  • Once it's done you can install iTunes 11.0, which you have download from the above selection, by right click on it and selecting "Run as administrator"
  • Go through the setup wizard
  • When done, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your computer and put it in DFU Mode
  • Open iREB by right clicking on the mouse ​​and select "Run as administrator"
  • Select the model of your device and iREB will do the rest
  • After a few seconds iREB should successfully place your device in Pwned DFU Mode
  • Close iREB ​​and open iTunes 11.0, which will read your device in recovery mode
  • Ignore it, while holding down the "shift" key, on the keyboard, click on "Restore". Select your Custom GeekGrade IPSW you downloaded and click "Open"
  • Afer about 10 minutes your device should look like it's in Recovery Mode (Picture of iTunes and the cable)To exit recovery mode you'll need to boot tether your device with redsn0w's option "Just Boot". (Keep these following steps on mind, every time you power down the device you will need to repeat them.)
  • Right click on Redsn0w and select "Run as administrator," click "Extras," and then "Select IPSW". select the Boot_IPSW you downloaded and click on "Open"
  • Now just click on the first button at the top "Just Boot". Redsn0w will ask immediately to put our device in DFU Mode.
  • The process is finished, now the iPhone, iPod, or iPad will boot into the choosen iOS, and your device has downgraded!


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