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Monday, 21 July 2014

How to recover deleted files Android

How to recover deleted files on your android device!

Requirements -

1- Rooted Android
2 -&your Precious Time..!

Instructions -

1- Download Undelete from the play store.

2- Then once downloaded, plug your usb cable to your computer and phone.

3- Tap on usb debugging or make sure that you send your android files to your computer.

4- Then on your computer choose “Open Folder to view files”

5- Then right click on your Removable disk and choose Format
Make sure that your File System says FAT32
If not make sure you backup all your files and then choose Format.

6- Then go back to your phone and open undelete beta

7- Select the storage to scan from (Sd card or internal memory)

8- Then choose scan Storage

All your files will popup and try to find a file you lost
Select it and choose restore
Then let it load and then you recovered your file!
That’s it Enjoy!


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