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Monday, 14 April 2014

Brief Introduction Of Proxy

1) What is a proxy?
A proxy is an address of a proxy server (look @ kind of proxy's) that is placed between your computer and the internet :

Normal :
Computer --------> Internet
With proxy :
Computer ---------> Proxy server -----------> Internet

The main advantage of the Proxy is that it will cover up your IP address (your identity on net) which may help you in opening the ban sites in your country.

2) Kind of Proxies:

You have 2 different proxy's (some more but these are for a normal internet users) :
-1: Private proxies : They are only for you (it's the same like buy your own ip address ) and will cost 15-20$
-2: Public Proxies : They are for everyone but the problem is sometimes you can get fast proxy's and sometimes slow ones. If you have a good site/list with fast proxy's there as good as private proxy's

3) Where get your proxy ?
There are many ways to find the proxies but some address are also expired , so just search Google for the Fresh Sites. (search : free Proxy, free anonymous surfing)

4) Use proxy with IE(Internet Explorer):
-1: Open Internet explorer
-2: Go to tools > Internet Options > Connections
-3: Now you will see “LAN Settings” open it
-4: Check Use a Proxy server for LAN. Than you will be able to use Address and Port.
-5: Get a proxy (Read Wear get your proxy's) and fill the address you don't have to fill it the port.
-6: Hit ok , ok and it's done. You surf now with a proxy !

5) How safe is it ?
The use of proxy's is legal and it's a good protection BUT don't think ur full protected/undetected. It's more and more popular and some (protected) site block public proxy's because of the spammers.

It is true that a proxy hide your identity but don’t think that you are really safe if you hack CIA Database because in case of hack the Proxy site will give your real identity and you will end up in jail for at least 20 years. So be responsible!!! 


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