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Thursday, 13 March 2014

what is proxy and how to set proxy

What is a proxy?

proxy is something that connects or bridges between the client and the ISP.

functions of the proxy:

Conecting sharing:
This function is as an intermediary in the retrieval of data from one IP to other IP.

some proxy equipped with filtering feature which is often referred to as a firewall. This serves to shut down or block unwanted IP. so some IP can not be accessed through the proxy.

proxy also has a data storage function of the query, this will save a cache of IP, so if the IP will be accessed more quickly.

2 kinds of proxy which is often used:

Tranparent Proxy:
prioritizing function as an intermediary for data retrieval. Usually this Tranparents proxy we can use to speed up access to a website. However, if we use the transparent proxy, our IP  still can detected with IP tracking method.

Anonymous Proxy:
Anonymous than as an intermediary proxy, it will also block our IP data, so it cannot be read by a web server,  server will only detected the Proxy IP. But the speed is usually slower than the Transparent Proxy.

how to install proxy

  1. click start=>Control Panel=>Networ and Internet
  2. Internet Options
  3. Connections
  4. double click your connection name
  5. Check on the proxy server
  6. insert your proxy IP and Port 


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