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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Removing Trojan Method

Removing trojans manually
Following are the ways you can remove trojans from your system:

Method 1.
You can download some explorer software like process explorer. This software will clearly list all the process running on your pc. The tool is required as many trojans stay hidden from the taskmanager. Well run the process explorer. Then look for processes that are highlighted pink. Right click on that process and select kill process tree. Then go to the location the file is mentioned at and delete the file.

Start the command prompt.
step1. enter the command
netstat -a -b -n
This would list all the connections on the pc. The connections are always shown in the format of IP:port number
And all trojans work on UDP ports hence you can trace the non-reliable connections easily.
step2. look up the PID of the processes and then from the task manager end the process which is non-reliable


you can also use the command

netstat -no

this would list out all the live connections on the pc.
next to kill a particular process.

taskkill /PID 1234
here 1234 should be the pid of the suspicious process.


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