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Sunday, 22 December 2013

How to Switch 2 DUAL SIM

Turn any Android Tablet, iPad, iPod Touch into a Phone and use any SIM on locked Android/iPhones!

Want to use your iPad or Android Tablet as a phone? Want to use your iPhone 4S on a different network? (When currently an unofficial unlock for the phone is unavailable) Want to turn your iPod Touch into a phone?
Introducing the GMate!
The Gmate is a tiny Bluetooth Connected GSM Device (Using your own Sim Card) which will allow you to make and receive phones calls, send and receive SMS and use the Internet through any Network SIM Card on your locked or "non-phone" device.

Manufacturers Description:
** Gmate is a tiny companion device where users can insert any GSM SIM card to add voice calls, SMS, and Internet access to most Apple iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.

* Key Advantages:

1) Enable an Apple iPod Touch with phone features

2) iPhone or Android phones can become dual SIM phones

3) iPad or Android Pads can surf the net anywhere, anytime

4) Gmate is small and hidden away so you can use it discreetly

* For iPod Touch Users

Users of iPod Touch can connect to Gmate, and automatically enable iTouch with all of iPhone's features with the addition of voice calls, sms, and Internet access via Gmate's GPRS/EDGE. An iPod Touch cost much less than an iPhone, and in most cases users will never need to sign a contract with a carrier. Simply insert any GSM 
SIM card and turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone.

* For iPhone or Android Phone Users

Users of iPhone and Android Phones (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc) already have a SIM card inside, but all these phones can only accommodate one SIM card. With many users traveling frequently who need to swap with local SIMs or carry an extra phone, users can now enjoy dual SIM features by inserting the 2nd SIM into Gmate, therefore enjoying two numbers on their favorite smart phone, while maintaining only a single phone book, sms, and call logs... It's as simple as that!

* For iPad or Android Pad Users

Users of iPad and numerous Android Pads, such as Xoom or Galaxy, can link with Gmate with voice, sms, and also Internet access. Most Pad users buy with only the WiFi option, since getting a 3G costs much more. But WiFi Pads cannot be used everywhere such as subways, buses, parks, etc. Now with Gmate, all Pad users can enjoy the Internet anywhere, anytime... and you can make phone calls/sms too.

* Gmate Product Specification

1) GSM Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

2) 1 Push-Push SIM Card Slot

3) Micro USB

4) Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

5) Standby Time: 96 Hours, Talk Time: 4 Hours

6) Physical Size: 82mm x 46mm x 14mm

7) Weight: 48.2g

8) OS Support: iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad2


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