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Friday, 13 December 2013

Find Original Installation Date of Windows.

Sometimes you may want to want to know when your Windows was installed. How many months, years have passed with your system being constantly clogged by useless bits of data. All of you the PC slows down over time so it seems like an easy solution to reinstall Windows from time to time (Which is not necessary unless you take good care of your system daily). So it might be useful to know the Windows installation date.
The procedure to find the Windows installation date is really simple using command prompt. Just read on to find out how.
Step 1: Press R while holding windows key to bring out run box. Enter CMD and press Enter to open a command prompt window.
Step 2: Enter the following code into the command prompt window and execute it.

systeminfo | find /i "install date"
When you execute the command the original Windows installation date will be displayed.


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