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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

F@cebook Mess@ge Sp00ing Trick

What is Message Spoofing ?
In Simple words message Spoofing is a Fake E-mail or Messaging service, that is created by an attacker to send fake E-mails and messages to anyone with any mail server or ID. For Eg. here is three user "Viv, Aafreen and Kevin" Now Kevin will send message to Viv from Aafreen's ID and Viv won't realized that he got a Spoofed message.


How to do Facebook message Spoofing ?
First of all download Spoofer and upload it on any free web hosting site, like > Get domain and access it (Please read my previous post on E-mail Spoofing Trick.)  Here I'm using 3 FB user ID of my friends, for this tutorial, Just go trough the below Picture [Simply Easy and Cool] :-

Click on Image to enlarge it

  • Well In the Above Image you can see that, Kevin is an attacker, Viv is victim and aafreen is Spoofed victim, the challenge in this is to send Message from Aafreen ID to Viv's ID without logging into Aafreen's ID, and Kevin will perform this attack as an attacker this is called Spoofing.
  • You'll get one form asking Target Email, Spoofed Email, etc.
  • In the Spoofed E-mail type your spoofed email (I mean from whom's user ID you want to send message to your victim) For Eg. Aafreen's E-mail is
  • In Target E-mail type Victim's Facebook Username for Eg. Our Victim is Viv and his FB Username is
  • In reply E-mail you can fill up your E-mail ID of G-mail.
  • And fill up your Message Title, and Type your message and Click on Submit. 
Click on Image to enlarge it and see form clearly
After all it will create a fake connection of Spoofing and send fake message from Aafreen's ID to Viv's ID coz, Aafreen is friend of Viv, So it won't become Spam also and victim's won't realize also that he got Spoofed message.

Got One Message Just now :)

If your victim will see this message in Chat Box, then he won't realized anything about Spoofed messaged.

Well, till here all is fine and Good So now here our trick Ends Please Read Below Points it's very Important.

# Points to be Noted
  • Note :- The trick Won't work if your Victim's message setting is on Strict Filtering, it should be on Basic filtering, but Don't worry the Default is Basic Filtering and Strict filtering is not recommended.

    Click on Image to enlarge it

  • 67% of FB User won't realize this is Spoofed message coz, they just see message and walk away.
  • To prevent this spoofing make your message filtering to Strict.
  • If you will use G-mail ID then it will be good and E-mail ID should be valid and not older then 1 month.
  • If all three users are in friend list then it will work smoothly and will be Spam free.
  • You can also Send it anonymously with anyone's e-mail to anyone, but it will look like this.

  • Sometimes trick won't work And Suppose the trick isn't working for you  also then Check Spam message inbox.
  • FB Spam message Inbox Link :
Thank you please share it to increase us and always feel free to comment and let met know your doubts. 


I am Fida Hussain,a computer student from Pakistan. Right from the day one I was introduced to computers,I had a passion for Hacking and Information security. So,I started this blog in 2012 to share my views and ideas with the world.


  1. This is brilliant, but the gmail thing is certainly a large limitation.
    Is it possible to create a spoofer in which hotmail and yahoo email spoofed messages are not marked as spam?



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