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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How To Fix "Google-Code-Subversion-Repository" Password Request?

Today I will talk about an error generated quite often on your blog or website's screen. Whenever you visit such affected websites, a box appears your screen which asks for username and password.

This is how it will normally look like:

How To Fix "Google-code-subversion-repository" Password Request? Solution!

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Before we get to the solution of the problem, let me acquaint you with a little history as to why does the error occur. Often websites have scripts hosted by the guest users and other people. In the case where they remove such scripts which you were using on your website, the error box will appear asking for username and password.

The error occurs in the form of a dialogue box as shown in the figure above. It states "A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Google Code Subversion Repository". The link above redirects to who hosted the script.

Why Is There A Need To Fix This ?

How To Fix "Google-code-subversion-repository" Password Request? Solution!

So obviously there is a dire need to fix this problem. If this problem persists for a longer span of time, you might lose a fair amount of traffic on your website. People will hesitate opening your web page with confusing fears of being hacked.

How to Fix The The Issue ?

If you are using website services other then blogger, following steps will help you solve the problem.

  • Find the source code of your website.
  • Locate the script used by that address.
  • Delete script and save.

In case if you are using blogger services, following steps shall help you get over the issue.

  • Go to the template tab in your blogger.
  • Locate the script used by that address.
  • The script code can vary according to the address link. However in most cases it might look like this    <script src="https://making-" />
  • Delete that script.
  • Save your template.

You should try your best to avail the opportunity of hosting scripts yourself. is a good site where you can script comprehensively. Keep in mind that it is always better to ask the publisher when hosting the code your self as they have the Copyrights.


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