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Friday, 3 May 2013

Send fb friend request when you are blocked

 is a great social networking website through which we can stay connected with friends, relatives and other people. But Facebook does not allow to add strangers as your friends. You might have gone through a stage at least once in your Facebook account when a message appears i.e. your friend request is blocked for 1 day, 3 days, or even 30 days. You can not send friend request on Facebook to anyone whether you know him or not when you are blocked. This is because Facebook doesn’t let to send friend request to unknown people and considers it as spam and therefore temporarily disable sending friend requests when you violate its rules. This is generally done to secure privacy of people and some people by adding strangers as their friend make misuse of that thing.

However, sometimes you may even get blocked when you send friend request to known people but there are a lot of friend requesting awaiting approval pending already. I have also gone from this same stage, and feel helpless that we can’t send friend request to dear friends. So today i will tell you an easy trick with which you can send friend request even if you are blocked.
With help of this trick you can send 1000′s of friend requests even if you are blocked. So without wasting time let’s start how this trick works?

How To Send Friend Requests On Facebook When You Are Blocked

If you are going to add some unknown person then you need the email address of that person to whom you are going to add. After you get the email address of the personal whom you want to send friend request either from his profile or any other way, follow these steps.
1. Head over this LINK.
Here you will find a place to add a friends through their Emails based on the different Mail Services. But, if you’re thinking of adding too many people then it would be better that you create a contact file.
If you don’t know the easiest way to make contact file then follow these steps.
a) Open new text document (.txt) in notepad.
b) Add all the email addresses separated by a comma ( , ).
c) Now save that file with the extension .vcf
Now this is your contact file.
2. Upload this file to Facebook. and you will be prompted to send friend request.
NOTE : If you don’t know how to upload contact file then follow this step. Go to this link! In that the last option is of ‘other tools’ in which you will find the next option to upload the file!
3. Click “OK”and You’re done.
Simple yet effective! Your friend request would be sent to desired people.
If you are not blocked from sending Friend Requests but still you get warnings like ‘This Friend Request Can’t Be Sent’ then you can refer another trick which will help you in bypassing this error.


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