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Thursday, 1 November 2012

How to Remove Memory Card Password - 2012 Updated Trick

Do you forget the password of your memory card ?
Learn how to quickly unlock password protected memory cards in two ways.

Remove memory card password

1# Format the memory card

Well you can simply break the password of memory card by just formatting it. Use card reader to connect your memory card with computer. And simply format it by clicking on memory card icon. 

NOTE:  Don't use the Quick Format option for this process.

2# Use 3rd Party Software for Symbian mobiles

  • Download FExplorer applications  (download in your mobile device any Symbian mobile). 
    • FExplorer 1.17 Version (S60 1st and 2nd Edition) 
    • FExplorer 1.18 Version (S60 1st Edition)  
    • FExplorer 1.18 Version (S60 2nd Edition)  
  • Install and  run FExplorer from your Mobile Device where is password protected memory card.
  • Go to C: System Folder.
FExplorer For Unlocking the password of memory cards

  • Then, search for a file named mmcstore
  • Copy that file into your computer (the file will show as a notepad file)
  • Open that file in your Computer using Notepad
  • Now, you will see your memory card password has been removed.
NOTE:  Use Symbian Mobiles for this, tested in Nokia S60 first and second edition mobiles.


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