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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Increase your browsing speed!

Download SpeedyFox 2.0.3 Build 65 - Super-easy tool that will help Boost/Speedup Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Thunderbird in a Single Click! up to 3 times!

SpeedyFox 2.0.3 Build 65

Download SpeedyFox 2.0.3 Build 65 Speedup Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Thunderbird, Epic in a Single Click!
Simple is definitely one of the best ways to describe SpeedyFox, a one-window, no options tool to optimize the performance of Firefox. SpeedyFox claims to speed up Firefox by defragmenting its SQLITE databases. It says that these databases get out of shape over time, slowing down start-up and delaying operations with cookies and history. 

Mozilla Firefox is by far the best feature-rich and fastest browser out there, but with the passage of time it slows down considerably. It will take a lot of time to load during startup, the overall speed will be effected, and browsing Histories will be too slow. This is very common problem and it occurs largely because of fragmentation of databases.

SpeedyFox is a brand new small utility that fixes this problem with a single click! It seems unbelievable but after you optimize your Firefox with this tool, you will get a fresh newly-installed feel because the speed indeed gets considerably faster. You will get up 3 times faster startup speed, browsing history will become faster, and performing operations with cookies will be quicker than before.

Boost Startup in up to 3 times!
Speed-up browsing history
Overall quicker operation
Smaller profile size
Available for both Windows and Mac OS
 What's new in this version:

    Added Epic Browser support.
    SQLite engine updated to 3.7.14 version

How often should I run SpeedyFox?
Depending on your browsing activity recommend optimizing your profile once in 1-2 weeks
License: Freeware

Download Now
                             1:Download SpeedyFox 2.0.3 Build 65 for Windows
                         2:Download SpeedyFox 2.0.3 Build 65 for MAC


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