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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

lock and hide the folder methods in cmd


Method 1 (the easy one)
    1. Click “Start”, “Run,” and then type cmd. When the command prompt opens type “CD C:Test” (replace “Test” with the name of the folder you want to hide.) 2. Now type “attrib file +s +h” and replace “file” with the name of the actual file name you would like to hide. 3. Now, go back to C:Test and look for your file or folder, it’s not there! You cannot find it through simply browsing around, through the command prompt, or even if you click “Show Hidden Files and Folders”. 4. To find the folder and it’s contents again simply go back to the command prompt, type “CD C:Test” (of course, again replacing “Test” with the name of the folder,) and then type “attrib filename -s -h”. You should now be able to find your file again!
Method 2 (this is where it starts to get slightly more difficult)
This method, unlike the previous one, hides an entire drive instead of individual files or folders:
(Before you ever use the registry I HIGHLY RECOMMEND backing up your registry with a tool similar to Registry Tool or CCleaner. You may as well use a manual method similar to this.)


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