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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Knowing Files Extension

Knowing Files Extension:

In downloads thread you can find diferent type of files (like you can find it over the web...)

.sis = Symbian installation file, just send it to your phone, and install.

.jar = Java installation, send file to your phone, and install.
Note about .jar files. You dont need to extract the .jar files into your PC, juest send them to your phone directly. By the way, if you get (or other extension) and when extract its content you get lot of files and folders, files like \META-INF\MANIFEST.MF, or *.class, it should be a .jar file... then, dont extract, just rename the main .zip to .jar. and send to your phone.

.zip = The standard compressed file, you can use winzip to extract the content...

.ace = Other format of compressed file:

.rar = And the compressed format about everybody ask...

Note: Its always best to extract .zip, .ace & .rar files on your PC first as your phone can only most of the time.


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