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Saturday, 3 September 2016

5 Smart Phone Security Tips

                                                                5 Smart Phone Security Tips

Because it’s not like a traditional hard drive where you store all your documents, many people forget about protecting their smartphones from hackers. Smartphone security is gaining traction and there are quite a few things you can do to help prevent your smartphone from being hacked. Many of the same measures you take to protect your computer can be used to protect your smartphone too.

1. Use Passcodes Everywhere

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can prevent access to your device by adding a passcode or a lock pattern on Android. This simple security measure can prevent sensitive information from being viewed by others. This is especially important if you have apps installed where personal data is stored.

2. Protect Your iCloud & Google Account

Your Apple ID controls access to every single Apple service that currently exists from iTunes to iCloud to FaceTime to iMessage. If someone can access your Apple ID, they can wreak havoc on your Apple life including erasing your iPhone, iPad and computer remotely. It’s pretty much the same issue with Google. You should enable 2-step verification on both of these accounts.

3. Be Careful With the Apps You Install

This is especially important on Android devices. Google recently removed 50,000 apps that were suspected of being malware. There won’t be any shortage of apps that contain malware, viruses or other sneaky software to steal your data or damage your phone. The Apple app store also has this
problem, but to a much lesser extent. Apple vets each app before it gets listed in the store and routinely goes about removing apps from the store that are deemed to be violating store policies.

4. Use an App Instead of the Browser

If youre doing banking on your phone or stock trading or anything else that passes sensitive information between your phone and the Internet, it’s best to use an official app for that site or company rather
than opening using the browser on your phone.

5. Keep Your Data Backed Up

It’s not only a good idea to keep your smartphone backed up in case you drop it in the toilet, but also if it gets stolen and you have to remotely wipe it clean. Apple users can install the Find My iPhone app, which will let you remotely lock a phone and remotely wipe it if you know it’s been stolen.


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