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Monday, 21 September 2015

Hack Android Pattern Lock in 5 seconds

                                     Hacking Android Pattern Lock in 5 seconds or less

Social Engineering Technique..
Pattern lock is the most popular lock used now a days, no matter if you own a Android or any other device you may be vulnerable to this method and this the the easiest way to get your friends pattern lock without any traces left. all you need is 4 second physical access to your victim's device.

Unlock pattern Lock
All you need is some light source that can reflect the smudges on the screen. Yes you got it.
hack pattern
Now all you need to know that the other person is left handed or right handed
if he is left handed his pattern will be generally from right to left, on the other side the right handed person will have left to right, or you can try either ways.

if the device have too many smudges over it you can face device to the owner and tell him to unlock but before asking it will be quite handy if you can spray water and clean the surface of screen roughly. 

and this is the easiest way to get the screen pattern lock and this will always work (unless the other person have very complex pattern).


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