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Friday, 28 November 2014

Add All Friends to Facebook Group script

Hello members,
I would like to show you the easiest way to auto add your friends in a group with just 5 steps.

  1. -Open the Google Chrome (it’s very easy to use it on this)
  2. -Copy this one script -> 
  3. -Goto the group you want to add your friends and press F12.
  4. -Select “Console”
  5. -Paste the code, press enter and wait some minutes.

That’s all. It’s easy and simple. If you need something Comment. 
Thank you!


I am Fida Hussain,a computer student from Pakistan. Right from the day one I was introduced to computers,I had a passion for Hacking and Information security. So,I started this blog in 2012 to share my views and ideas with the world.


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