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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Best tips How to Increase Facebook page likes

1. Commenting on Big Pages
You can do photo comment on other big page’s post in your niche. you can do it by mentioning your page. By this way if your photo comment get more likes, then i will be shown 1st beating all other comments, take a look at the below picture to get more idea about it, once you collect some like on your photo comment, just edit it and tag your page there.

2. Share for share
Share for Share is the method of sharing your page on other’s page; then you will share their page on your page. 1st They share your page and then you share theirs page or you go first and then they, this is called Share 4 Share.

There are many groups which do share for share. Find suitable sharing group for your page on Facebook. Search “Share for share” or “S4S” join these groups. By this method I managed to get 10k likes on my page “I am proud to be a Gamer“.

If you find difficulty in Finding sharing group comment your page below. We’ll help you in finding best.

3. Become Admin on other pages
Become admin on other pages means you need to post regularly on their and they will allow you to share page on their page. Again i used this very same method that help me to built a 27k page in short period of time “I am Proud to a Gamer“.

There are number of groups in Facebook named “CC Finder, Admin Finder” etc. Find your suitable page there which you think can help you get more likes.

4. Hit Post
Always try to search big pages which have unique contents and having good number of likes. Check thier posts, Select the page that have Max Like and shares on it. Simply copy it and post on your page, you may give credits if you wish to. When you’ll post on your page you’ll also get good number of likes and shares which helps in increasing page likes and your page will be active.

Posting right content at right time will help in getting more likes on post.

Example: If its Bill Gates’ birthday, then Post a pic of Bill Gates and caption it “1 likes = 1 wish”. It helps in getting likes on post.

5. Add “Like” box or button to your blog/website:
If you have good no. of visitors on your blog or website then Add like box or button. Visitors will like your page to stay connected also its not that. Get your codes for like box here.

6. Watermark your page link on pics
Many of famous pages like Troll Punjabi they use watermark on every pic which helps in publicity of their page.


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