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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How to protect USB Virus from entering ur PC?

Hi friends, i have a sloution for ur issue.
You can make ur normal pen drive to virus protected pendrive. for that u want 1 pc which having windows vista 0r 7 os installed. Follow the below steps……..
1) Connect ur pen drive to pc which having widows vista or windows 7 operating system. (The user must having Administrator rights)
2) Open ‘My Computer’ & right click on pendrive icon then select ‘Format’ option. Before formatting you must take a back up of all of your data because it deletes whole data from ur pen drive.
3) In Format window select file system tab & change it to ‘NTFS’ then click on ‘Start’ to start formatting.
4) After formatting done close the format window & open ur pendrive.
5) create one folder in pen drive & rename it to ‘secured’.
6) Back to ‘My Computer’ & again right click on pendrive & now select ‘Properties’ tab.
7) In properties window select security tab then click on edit & tick on ‘Deny’ for ‘Write’ permission then press ok to apply the settings.
8) Open pen drive again, right click on ‘Secured’ folder select ‘Properties’ then ‘Security’ tab.
again click on ‘Edit’ tab & set ‘Allow’ permission to ‘Full Control’ then click ok to apply settings.
9) Open ‘Secured’ folder, create one folder into that & rename it to ‘Secured.exe’.
10) Right click on ‘Secured.exe’ folder select ‘Properties’ & make it hidden by selecting ‘Hidden’ attribute then select ‘security’ tab click on ‘Edit’ & set ‘Deny’ permission to ‘Full Control’ .
10) Press ‘Ok’ to apply the settings.
Now ur pen drive is virus protected. but u can’t copy files into that directly. u need to copy all of ur files to the secured folder & I recommand that copy ur software setup files to the zip folder so, virus can’t access software’s exe files


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