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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Useful firefox Secret Tricks

5 Useful And Lesser Known Firefox Secrets!
Firefox has a massive worldwide user base, second only to Google Chrome.

Mozilla's Firefox internet browser is quite popular amongst open source lovers. The browser is fast, easy-to-use and provides tons of useful features. Interestingly though, while many use this free browser on a regular basis, few of us know how easy Firefox can actually become. These are five lesser known features that people seem to miss usually. Mozilla, Firefox, smart keywords, open source, Firefox secrets, Firefox shortcuts, Firefox gestures, best Firefox tips, Firefox hints, Mozilla news
1. Smart Keywords: When you go to a website with a search bar, you can simply right click on the bar and click ‘Add Keywords for this search’. This lets you create a smart keyword. Doing this, you can run searches on any website from the browser’s address bar directly.

2. Multiple homepages: Yes, you don’t have to have just one homepage. You can easily open multiple home pages. Open the Options tab in Firefox and click General. Locate the ‘Homepage’ bar and instead of putting a single website there, use the pipe operator (|) to separate the websites that you want. So, put down —| All three sites will open whenever you open Firefox.

3. Bookmarking RSS feeds: There are many websites that you may be checking frequently. For this, you can use a nifty feature from Firefox. All you have to do is right click on the Firefox toolbar, click on Customise and then drag and drop the RSS logo into the toolbar. Then you open the website that you regularly open and click on the RSS logo to add the RSS Feed bookmark. It will keep updating itself.

4. Take Firefox with you: You can install Firefox onto an USB drive and take it wherever you go. This ensures that you don’t have to change the settings whenever you use Firefox on a different computer. Here’s how.

5. Keyboard shortcuts: Firefox has an array of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to browse the internet much faster. The open source browser allows users to easily toggle between tabs, re-open closed tables and start private browsing. In addition, Firefox also has mouse gestures, although they aren’t quite near the elegance presented by Apple’s Mac OS X. You can find the shortcuts and gestures here and here respectively


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