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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Free call or Free sms

You can Call and Talk to any Mobile for free for over 64 Minutes Every day to any Mobile in India.
  • Site2Sms.Com is first Web Portal which offers Free TEXT SMSVOICE SMS & VOICE CALLS.
  • You can Call and Talk to any Mobile for free for over 64 Minutes Every day to any Mobile in India. 
  • you can talk to your friends for 120 Seconds continuously.
Site2SMS.Com will Call to the Mobile Number which you have entered First and as soon as it is answered, they will call to your mobile and after answering it you both will be able to talk to each other for free over 120 Seconds continuously.
  1. Visit Site2Sms
  2. Login or Register
  3. Click on Send sms Tab on top and choose Live Voice Call
  4. Click Dial number
  5. Dial mobile number and click call Button
  6. Click Yes connect my call
  7. First Site2sms will connect your friend’s mobile then your mobile……….You will be able to talk for 2 mins


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