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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Aircrack-ng Tool Info

Aircrack-ng -is a comprehensive set of network security tools that includes, aircrack-ng (which can cracks WEP and WPA Dictionary attacks), airdecap-ng (which can decrypts WEP or WPA encrypted capture files), airmon-ng (which places network cards into monitor mode, for example when using the Alfa Security Scanner with rtl8187), aireplay-ng (which is a packet injector), airodump-ng (which is a packet sniffer), airtun-ng (which allows for virtual tunnel interfaces), airolib-ng (which stores and manages ESSID and password lists), packetforge-ng (which can create encrypted packets for injection), airbase-ng (which incorporates techniques for attacking clients) and airdecloak-ng (which removes WEP cloaking). Other tools include airdriver-ng (to manage wireless drivers), airolib-ng (to store and manages ESSID and password lists and compute Pairwise Master Keys), airserv-ng (which allows the penetration tester to access the wireless card from other computers). Airolib-ng is similiar to easside-ng which allows the user to run tools on a remote computer, easside-ng (permits a means to communicate to an access point, without the WEP key), tkiptun-ng (for WPA/TKIP attacks) and wesside-ng (which an an automatic tool for recovering wep keys). Aircrack has a GUI interface – called Gerix Wifi Cracker


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  1. Airodump-NG CSV Visualizer web based tool. Best Web services out there. Please check it out, I have also shared my sample csv file:



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