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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Makes Free Calls To Any Mobile With Yahoo Messenger

This one is old yahoo Messenger trick with the help of which you can makes free calls all over the world. For this free calling trick you need a Yahoo messenger, a microphone and a decent internet connection. I am using this free calling trick for over two weeks now and the great thing is that, this free calling trick can be used to make unlimited call to mobiles all over the world and not limited to United States.
This mobile technique is also works in Indian to makes no cost calls.
So now here is the cellular technique to make no cost getting in touch with from your PC to Mobile :
  1. First of all you need to Install Yahoo messenger in your PC,  in case you don’t have it (go for the latest one which have voice support.
  2. Sign into your yahoo messenger.
  3. Now Set up your micro-ordinateur and wireless ear phones (don’t use speakers as it cause disturbances).
  4. Inside your Yahoo messenger dial 18003733411 and press enter as shown below in the screen shot.


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  1. where we dial this number?

  2. The online services is something that almost every one uses once in a while to keep in touch with people. When it is combined with communication, then more people are able to keep in touch and at prices they can afford. This method of communication is not only compatible with cell phones, but it can also be used together with landlines and the personal computer.0800



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